Pluto Was Here

The vet sent a real nice card along with this neat kitty print. Thanks for everything Blue Cross Animal Hospital!



Rest in peace, Dad.

Remembering the good times with my Dad. Arcades, computers, RC Cars, Tron at the drive-in, dinners at York Steak House, ordering a pepperoni pizza at Denny’s… He won people over with his sense of humor and lighthearted nature, and never took himself too seriously. He had a generous spirit and did so much for me, and I never properly expressed how grateful I was.

I wasn’t there for my Dad in his last few years of life, but we reconnected this past Summer and he bought me lunch one last time. We talked and laughed, and it was just like it always was. I will cherish that memory forever.

I love you Dad and I’ll miss you always. Rest in peace.


Rest in peace, Dad.