America Works (Hard) III

From Reuters today:

While the French get 30 days of paid leave and most other Europeans receive at least 20, the country with the world’s biggest economy does not guarantee workers a single day, researchers said on Wednesday.

This is one of my favorite topics, due to pride in my country’s work ethic, and because it is a real life illustration of laissez-faire economics vs. quasi-socialist systems. Invariably these articles compare the US to European countries who force their employers to provide paid time off. It’s generally not mentioned that these countrys’ economic growth and employment rates suck.

According to economist John Schmitt (a part of the think tank who conducted this research?), “It’s a national embarrassment that 28 million Americans don’t get any paid vacation or paid holidays.”

Hey John, ever wonder why the US has the biggest economy in the world? Since when is getting paid to sit on your ass a right?

America Works (Hard) III

4 thoughts on “America Works (Hard) III

  1. I admit I know jack about any of this, but it seems like it could be a descendant of the fact that these countries were once the beneficiaries of having lots of colonies producing wealth for them. (I know I’m generalizing, but…) To many Americans, it just wouldn’t click that you “should” receive X amount of money if you’re not actually producing that amount of profit for the company you work for, but in an imperialist nation that just isn’t the equation.

    But yes, there are a million exceptions, plenty of Americans do think they deserve money just for existing, and I’m sure plenty of Europeans work as hard as we do.

    Anyway, I get pretty decent vacations and I’m pretty happy about it =)


  2. Interesting comment bro, that’s something I’d never thought about with regard to former Empires. I don’t know squat bout this either, but it seems plausible that if a nation had so much tax wealth for so long, its populace would become accustomed to government handouts.



  3. Yeah, but here “Democracy” and “Capitalism” – the words themselves – are LOADED with baggage – baggage that Europeans don’t carry around. I know we see their system as one of entitlement but they DO have the benefit of history. Hey, we work our asses off but so do the Indonesians. The trick is to work smart.

    That’s what most Western Europeans countries do – and have done. It’s a more altruistic value system. I think its that simple.

    Hey MCupka – always great to check in on ya!


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