I Can Has Sci-Fi?

I’ve been following I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? for a few months now and noticed a high frequency of science fiction references lately. As fan of both cats and sci-fi, I thought these were pretty amusing. Hopefully you will too!

Oh, Hai, Dave
I Workin’ Fas as I Can Captn
Bring me Solo and the Wookiee
Teh Cloning Machine
Bein a Tribble
Kittehmus Pryme
Yoda Cat
Dr. Jekyl / Mr. Hyde
E.T. go home!!!

If you know of any other sci-fi related ICHCB’s please post them!

I Can Has Sci-Fi?

MP3 for Me

Well I decided to finally get an mp3 player in the form of a 4GB iPod Nano (pictured to the right with some of my other toys). I’ve been listening to mp3’s on my computer since the early days of the format, but just never felt the need to get a portable player.

A few months ago I started contemplating getting a Nano for use in the car, but what pushed me over the edge was listening to the same CD’s over and over during my first journey to Poughkeepsie this summer. So, knowing that a product refresh was coming soon I decided to wait until the new models came out, and I purchased one this past Friday. I got a cassette adapter to use with my outdated stereo system in the Lumina.

Being a Mac and iTunes user, it was a given that I’d be going with an iPod. I chose the Nano because I feel that having a (relatively) small selection of my music library available while driving will be sufficient, and I didn’t want to spend too much cash. So far, I love it. Such a beautiful, lightweight little piece of technology. Big screen, intuitive interface, and durable (as I sadly already discovered having dropped it on the hard floor one day after having the thing in my possession). The Coverflow interface, which I didn’t even realize was new in the iPods until my buddy Miker informed me, is really neat, and made me realize how much album artwork I was lacking. Fortunately, iTunes makes it really easy to retrieve artwork for albums they have on file. It remains to be seen how often I’ll use Coverflow in favor of the other navigation options.

Anyway, it’s a really cool little device. Looks like it’s time to retire that 13 year old Moving Pictures cassette. 🙂

Update: 9/10, 8:48 p.m. When I got home today and plugged the Nano into my computer, it wouldn’t connect (wouldn’t charge or mount). It didn’t even show up as a USB device in System Profiler. Didn’t matter which port I tried. I ended up taking it to the Apple store and they reinstalled the software. It works fine once again, but hopefully that’s the last problem I encounter. Oh and also, while I was there I dropped it again on the hard floor. I tell ya it’s kinda hard to get a good grip on this thing. 🙂

MP3 for Me