Releasing My Anger

Lately I’ve been finding myself in an unusually pissed-off mood, struggling even to maintain the plastic, patronizing demeanor that normally comes so easily in social situations.

I figured the culprit was some combination of job dissatisfaction, inability to find the latest Star Wars figures, and frequent consumption of Bud Light. Then, as I was looking through my iChat status messages, it hit me–I’ve been having some persistant internet connection problems as well as problems with iChat itself disconnecting me. Given that I spend the majority of my free time on the internet, perhaps this is the cause of my malaise. I generally express my discontent via colorful status messages, and as you can see to the right, they are numerous and vulgar.

Phew! For a second there I thought I was going to have to give up the beers.

Releasing My Anger

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