Two Journeys and a Quest

In October I once again journeyed to beautiful Dutchess County to visit the one and only Voidious Olicious, my brother, the legendary White Monkey. This was possibly my best visit yet. The Lumina held up well, despite averaging over 70 mph on the latter half of my return trip (a notable feat for this cruise-worn 14 year old vehicle). Smash was played, beers were drunk. Fine cuisine, eaten.

After an unforgettable meal Saturday at Japanese Steakhouse, Osho, my dear brother introduced me to a beer that has transformed my tastes and altered my whole approach to drinking–Leffe Blonde, one of several Belgian ales consumed during my visit. This seemed like an interesting new way to get drunk (and indeed it was, as we partied well into Sunday morning to the sweet sounds of Buckethead, Rush, Primus, and C2B3) but the experience made a lasting impression and gave us both a new outlook on beer.

A few weeks later, Voidious reciprocated, travelling here to Buffalo during the Thanksgiving holiday. Though I had to work a few days over his vacation, we had plenty of time for Smash, Trek, Samurai Jack, Chef Ramsay, Buckethead, Pizza Plant, multiple outings to Duff’s and Ted’s, and an incredible Thanksgiving dinner hosted by our gracious sister, Rachel and our brother-in-law, Jamo (who cooked a most succulent turkey!). And of course, there was Belgian beer. A lot of Belgian beer.

I’m not sure how much money we spent on beer that week and to be honest I don’t want to know. 🙂 .. I can say that we sampled twelve new varieties, and indulged in quite a bit of Leffe Blonde and Hoegaarden as well (“old” favorites from my October visit).

I have since been propelled on a quest to expose myself to as many varieties of beer as possible, and have been trying to sample at least one new brew a week. I’ve begun a log to track my progress, though I currently lack the knowledge and experience to properly assess the qualities of each beer.

But that hasn’t stopped me from trying. 🙂

* Photos courtesy of Voidious

Two Journeys and a Quest