Saying Nothing But Telling You Everything

Once you get past the surface residue, penetrate the upper layers, through the mantle, and into the core of the issue, so to speak, I’m not really saying anything at all. “Why am I reading this?”, you might ask, but that is a question only you can answer. I am, however, able to explain why I, Mattdude, persist in regurgitating this meaningless gibberish which, for reasons unknown, you continue reading.

My purpose, dear readers, in generating this vapid prose is a simple one. Being somewhat (malignantly?) narcissistic, I enjoy frequently visiting my own web pages. Sometimes I’ll even Google myself, and then click the links back to my own site! Lol, I know, it’s fucked up but whatever. Anyway, I’ve grown tired of looking at that horrible “serious” photo below. I considered updating it with a “happy” photo, but to be honest I think it would be even more irritating.

To conclude, I’ve composed this text and included the attached picture as a means of driving down previous content, so that I may enjoy a more pleasant web experience. The content of this post, while meaningless, is from the heart (though off the top of my head) and not some canned bogus copy like lorem ipsum text.

If you’ve read this far you may be feeling slightly unfulfilled right now, dissappointed, possibly even empty inside, but I hope you will take some comfort in the fact that I very truly and honestly appreciate your devotion!

Saying Nothing But Telling You Everything