Trent Reznor is Better Than Me

Trent Reznor releases The Slip while Mattdude expounds on insignificant bullshit.

I just realized that in the time it took me to compose two blog posts (you know, a few paragraphs, maybe a picture or two which might, if I’m feeling really motivated, boast a drop shadow), Nine Inch Nails has released two full-length music albums. Actually, Ghosts is two discs, so he has essentially released three records’ worth of groundbreaking, genre-defying music in the past two months while I banged out two blocks of text-based drivel.

But that’s all in the past now, or soon will be, for one simple reason: this very blog post! That’s right, my friends! Within a few moments I will have published, in the past two months, THREE (albeit masturbatory and embarrassingly narcissistic) pieces of work (their utter lack of any meaningful substance notwithstanding).

Your move, Trent!

Trent Reznor is Better Than Me