We Don’t Need Words to Understand Each Other

Well hello there! Isn’t this a pleasant surprise? After our last encounter I naturally assumed you’d moved on to more fulfilling pursuits, but I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you decided to return. As always, my innate sense of decorum precludes me from speculating on your reasons for doing so, considering the frustratingly hollow nature of a post such as this one. To do so would be as futile as the very post itself, for as we both know, you are still reading it. Why concern ourselves with your motivations, knowing that neither of us will ever discover them?

I can say with some degree of pride that, unlike last time, the purpose (such as it is) of this particular piece of mind-numbing drivel is not merely to provide myself with superficial optical comfort, but rather to ascertain whether or not Facebook Notes will properly import my blog entries. As you know, I would never be so callous as to fill this space with mere placeholder text, though I’m sure we’d both agree that a few paragraphs of “lorem ipsum” would be equally enlightening, perhaps even more so.

However worthless the above text may be, and no matter how much agony you must have experienced while reading it, the fact is, we are communicating. In the end, what does it matter what is said? What difference does it make whether I type this word or that one, when it is clear that you will read whatever words appear before your eyes, as you are right now?

Obviously, we don’t need words to understand each other.

We Don’t Need Words to Understand Each Other

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