I’m Not an Apple Fanboy

When it comes to the machines I use everyday, to which I’m tethered every waking moment of my life, I embrace quality.

Every piece of consumer electronics I’ve ever purchased has gone in the garbage can after a lifespan cut short by substandard construction.

Computers? Hardware from myriad vendors cobbled together by myriad distributors and churned out to the seething masses. Garbage.

Microsoft Windows? Unusable crap. Too many options. Dumb interfaces. Unintelligible error messages appearing all too frequently. A bloated system built on an obsolete foundation. Slated for extinction.

Apple gives us the promise of something better. Something that works. Something that lasts. When first using an Apple product you become self-conscious. Ashamed. Surely you don’t deserve this. There must be some mistake. You’ve been conditioned to believe you’re not worthy of such a sublime user experience. After using it a year you’ll accept nothing less.

So no, I’m not a fanboy. I just appreciate machines that don’t totally fucking suck, which are rare in this age of disposable… everything.

I’m Not an Apple Fanboy