This is an old design but one of my favorites, and I just realized it isn’t published anywhere on the web. It was first created in 1998 and then upgraded in 2009. It never really fit in with the other Man@Machine graphics so I figured I’d give it a home here 🙂

The spaceship will come to take us away
Out of the orbit and into the light
We’re gonna be picked up and sent on a flight
Get ready to join us
Escape the destruction, enjoy the abduction

The Honest Worker

Forget your boss, and your boss’s boss. Pleasing them is an afterthought, the incidental result of good work, assuming such things bring them pleasure.

Forget the company who employs you. It’s not about them. It’s about the work. True, they benefit from your performance, but this need not concern you.

Forget the trivial musings and gossip of coworkers. Never mind what they think. Sure, they reap the benefits of success built upon good work, but this is not your aim.

Performing your task well is a reward unto itself. An honest worker seeks only to impress himself, not his boss, not his coworkers, not his company.

The Honest Worker

Too Much Choice?

Not long ago, while behind the wheel of the Lumina, the light turned green and I was about turn left onto Main Street. I was forced to wait, however, because some middle-aged, puffy-faced, smug fuck in a Cadillac SUV proceeded to turn left from Main right in front of me, long after his light had turned red. As I glared at him I saw not even a hint of guilt or sheepishness. He was perfectly at ease with what he’d done, comfortable imposing his will, violating the traffic code, and risking an accident to shave a few minutes off his journey.

I’m sure you see this kind of thing everyday. People are assholes.

I sometimes wonder if modern culture in general, and free market capitalism in particular, has turned us into assholes.

Are we so accustomed to getting exactly what we want, when we want it, that we believe we’re somehow entitled to having our every desire fulfilled?

Has the free market turned us into assholes, or is this normal behavior for humans in society?

Too Much Choice?