Turn Down the Machines

I sometimes bemoan the proliferation of technology and how it has affected human interaction. Perhaps I long for some mythical, simpler way of life, or fantasize about “good old days” that I never knew, when you did honest work with your bare hands. I frequently decry our disposable consumer electronics and pre-fab architecture, shaking my head and thinking perhaps the old-timers are right, maybe they really don’t “make ’em like they used to.” I bristle at being tethered to the hive by a cellular phone, unable to enjoy a moment’s peace, knowing my attention and energy could be demanded at any time.

In a world saturated with electricity, media, ringing phones and glowing screens, we must actively remind ourselves that we choose to use these technologies. We can just as easily choose not to use them.

I turned off my cell phone this evening. Maybe tomorrow I’ll throw it in the river.

You have the power.

Turn Down the Machines