What Will You Do?


what you can do, and
what you should do
what you will do.

how does the finished work
make you feel?

how closely does the finished work
match your original vision?

did you have an ‘original vision’?
is the work really finished?

what part of the finished work is
what part did you intend to do?
what have you done?
what will you do?

What Will You Do?

Vacant Statements

Do not grimace, dear friend, nor frown, nor sigh with disgust! What can one say when there is nothing to be said? Then again, even nothing is something, sometimes, isn’t it?

Therein lie the beauty and horror of words, at least those of which our preferred language is comprised. One may freely link them together, without purpose or intent, and should one see fit to read those words, however mystified we may be at his choice, well, who are we to judge?

Vacant Statements