What Will You Do?


what you can do, and
what you should do
what you will do.

how does the finished work
make you feel?

how closely does the finished work
match your original vision?

did you have an ‘original vision’?
is the work really finished?

what part of the finished work is
what part did you intend to do?
what have you done?
what will you do?

What Will You Do?

Unnecessary Evils

Our skills are adequate but for how long? These systems work for now but isn’t there a better way? Forever we march toward perfection, compelled by unseen forces, eluding the comforting embrace of mediocrity.

But “perfect is the enemy of good,” we muse. Ours is an imperfect world that demands compromise, isn’t it? It’s all too easy to implement a quick fix, declare the problem solved and walk away. When we abandon the quest for better, decay sets in. Good is never good enough for long.

Some evils are necessary but they’re still evil, right?

Live like Steve.

Unnecessary Evils

The Honest Worker

Forget your boss, and your boss’s boss. Pleasing them is an afterthought, the incidental result of good work, assuming such things bring them pleasure.

Forget the company who employs you. It’s not about them. It’s about the work. True, they benefit from your performance, but this need not concern you.

Forget the trivial musings and gossip of coworkers. Never mind what they think. Sure, they reap the benefits of success built upon good work, but this is not your aim.

Performing your task well is a reward unto itself. An honest worker seeks only to impress himself, not his boss, not his coworkers, not his company.

The Honest Worker

Ain’t Gonna Happen

I know, I know. That’s what you want, and how you want it. That’s the rule, how it must be done, I have no choice, etc. etc. It’s cool. I understand exactly where you’re coming from. To some small degree I even sympathize with your plight. But no.

Oh, I hear your exclamations of protest quite clearly! And yes, I comprehend what you’re saying and why you’re saying it. But again, no. Sorry.

See, now you’re just being silly. Even if I were inclined to submit to your demands (which, of course, I am not), raising your voice does nothing to propel us toward a resolution.

Then again, it would be disingenuous to suggest there is any “resolution” other than doing it my way.

Oh come on now! There’s no need for that sort of language. I harbor no malice and intend no harm. I’m merely stating facts here.

I’ve considered your way. Thought about it. Analyzed it. And yeah, no.

Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Ain’t Gonna Happen

Cheers to the Content Creators

In an age of banal status updates, recycled quotes, retweets and shared links, I want to take a moment to salute the content creators – the thinkers, artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, coders, and everyone else who contributes original content to our digital lives.

Cheers to the bloggers, webmasters, wiki editors, copywriters and all who add substance to the web.

Cheers to the tweeters with something meaningful to say.

Cheers to the forum members and commentators who listen, reply, and carry on a dialogue.

Cheers to the programmers and designers who put flesh on the web’s bones.

Cheers to the artists, photographers, and videographers who feed our eyes’ appetites.

Cheers to the musicians who crank out new material, knowing we may or may not pay for it.

Cheers to anyone and everyone who conceives an original thought, offers unique insight, or shares a novel idea.

Cheers to those who give us something new.

Cheers to the Content Creators